22.0 Provisioning Applications

A bundle consists of all the configuration settings and installation instructions required to deploy and manage applications or profiles on a device. Based on the device platform, ZENworks lets you provision the following types of apps or configuration information, using the existing Bundles feature in ZENworks:


  • App Store App: Allows you to distribute apps available in the Apple App Store. For more information, see Distributing iOS App Store Apps.

  • iOS Profile: Allows you to distribute configuration information to iOS devices. This configuration information allows you to manage certain features such as Wi-Fi settings, VPN settings, and restricts certain other device features.

  • iOS Enterprise: Allows you to distribute in-house apps that are not meant for public distribution. For more information, see Distributing iOS Enterprise Apps.

  • VPP Apps: Allows you to distribute bundles related to apps purchased using the Apple Volume Purchase Program. These bundles are automatically created as soon as an Apple VPP subscription is created. For more information, see Distributing VPP Apps.

  • iOS Update: Allows you to distribute an OS update to iOS devices. For more information, see Distributing iOS Update Bundles.

Android and iOS

  • Wi-Fi Bundle: Allows you to distribute Wi-Fi configuration to devices. This bundle can be assigned to Android, iOS, devices. For more information on Wi-Fi Profile bundle, see Distributing Corporate Wi-Fi Settings.