5.0 Using the Getting Started Page

The Getting Started with Modern Management page enables you to setup the zone and complete certain pre-configuration activities required to enroll Windows 10 MDM devices, Android devices and iOS/iPadOS devices. Subsequently, tasks required to successfully manage these enrolled devices are also displayed on this page.

To access the Getting Started page, in ZCC, click Modern Management (in the left navigation pane). Each configuration task on this page includes an icon with a or mark indicating its completion status and one or more links to the page where you complete the task.

Additionally, you can click the Help icon appearing against each task or the Help link provided at the top right corner of each page for information on the task.

For more information on the Managing Windows 10 Devices, Managing Android Devices, and Managing iOS/iPadOS devices section, see ZENworks Modern Management.

Prior to using the Modern Management feature, ensure that the following requirement is met:

  • Install and Configure ZENworks: The Modern Management feature is integrated with ZENworks Configuration Management. To install and configure ZENworks Configuration Management, see ZENworks Server Installation.