28.1 Prerequisites

For ZENworks to determine the device location successfully, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • This feature is applicable for iOS supervised devices and Android devices that are enrolled as fully managed devices.

  • For an Android device, turn on the device’s location services. To enable the device’s location services:

    • Navigate to the Settings app on the device.

    • Tap Location.

    • Enable Location.

      NOTE:For a device enrolled in the work-profile mode, even if the location is turned on at the device level, the user can turn it off at the work profile level (applicable on Android 7.0 and newer versions). In such cases, ZENworks will not be able to determine the location of the device.

  • For an Android device, ensure that the Location permission for the ZENworks Agent app is turned on.

  • For an Android 8.0 and older device, the location mode selected by the end-user will enable ZENworks to accurately identify the location of the device. When the Device only mode is set as the location mode, then the device might not be able to report its current location. The Device only mode works better when the user is outdoors. To ensure that the device is able to report its current location, it is recommended that the end user sets the location mode as High Accuracy.

  • For an Android 9.0 device, ensure that location accuracy is on. When this setting is turned on, ZENworks will be able to obtain the most accurate location of the device using resources such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile networks, and Sensors.

  • For an Android device, ensure that the device is not in Doze mode.

  • Associate the Geolocation right to your admin account. To enable this right:

    1. Click Configuration.

    2. Click Administrators.

    3. Click New appearing under the Roles panel.

    4. Click Add appearing under the Rights section.

    5. Select Device Rights.

    6. Retain the default selection Allow appearing next to the Geolocation right.