5.1 Support for the iPadOS platform

From the 2020 Update 1 release onwards, ZENworks supports the iPadOS platform, that is, iPad devices with iOS version 13 or a later version installed on them. All settings that are applicable for iOS devices are now applicable for iPadOS devices as well.

This feature is by default in a disabled state and needs to be enabled after migrating to the ZENworks 2020 Update 1 release version. To enable the iPadOS platform, you need to run the following zman command from the command prompt:

zman feature-enable-platform-ipados (zman fepi): On executing this command:

  • All existing iPad devices with iOS 13 or a later version, move from the iOS dynamic group to the iPadOS dynamic group. Any existing assignments that were applied to the moved devices as part of the iOS dynamic group, will no longer be applicable. You need to manually re-create these assignments for the iPadOS dynamic group.

  • iPadOS devices will no longer be part of the existing enrollment rules that were applied to iOS devices. You need to re-create these enrollment rules for iPadOS devices. For more information on enrollment rules, see Creating and Assigning a Mobile Enrollment Policy.

After executing the zman fepi command, you need to refresh all iPadOS devices that are already enrolled in the zone. Also, to view the devices in the iPadOS Dynamic Group immediately, you need to recalculate group members either by clicking Recalculate Group Members displayed in the left pane under Group Tasks in ZCC or by executing the zman dgr command.