19.0 Database Activities

This section provides the steps that database administrators should perform after successfully completing any of the below mentioned database activities:

  • Migrate the database from one server to another.

  • Migrate database from one provider to another (Example: MS SQL to Oracle)

  • Update the External PostgreSQL database version.

If your Management Zone has multiple servers, only then perform the following steps:

NOTE:If there is only one server in the Management Zone, all ZENworks services starts automatically after the database activities are completed.

  1. From the device where you performed the database activity as mentioned, copy the following files, and paste them into the appropriate directory, on all the other Primary Servers in the zone:

    • zdm.xml

    • dmaccounts.properties

    • dmmappings.properties

    • zenaudit.xml

    • zenaudit_dmaccounts.properties

    Ensure that these files have appropriate rights. The files are in the following location:

    • Windows: ZENworks_installation_path\conf\datamodel

    • Linux: /etc/opt/microfocus/zenworks/datamodel

      Ensure that you run permissions.sh script located at /opt/microfocus/zenworks/bin on the Linux server after copying the above listed files.

  2. (Optional) If Antimalware is enabled in your zone, then update the amedatasource.properties file:

    • Windows: %ZENSERVER_HOME%\services\antimalware\conf

    • Linux: /etc/opt/microfocus/zenworks/antimalware

  3. Run the microfocus-zenworks-configure -c GenerateOSPProperties command.

  4. Run the following command on all the content servers:

    microfocus-zenworks-configure -c GenerateContentDatasourceConfigureAction

  5. Restart all the ZENworks services on all the ZENworks Servers in the Management Zone.

  6. (Optional) If you have configured ZENworks Reporting in your zone, then you must reconfigure the ZENworks Reporting Server.