ZENworks Mobile Workspace provides the possibility to inform users of the reception of new emails via push notifications.

Android push notifications are working out of the box after having installed the solution meanwhile some configuration is required to enable this feature on iOS.

This configuration guide helps the integrator to generate and install the required certificate to enable the push feature.

iOS push configuration

Generate push certificate and key for iOS

Go to the following site and login or create a new account: https://www.novell.com/npns.

Follow the instructions under "Documentation".

Adding push certificate and key into ZENworks Mobile Workspace

The default file names of the certificate and key should be "npnsCertificate.crt" and "npnsKey.pem". Please rename them accordingly if they are named differently.

Put both files in the "lib/" folder of the ZENworks Mobile Workspace server and restart it.

Enabling the push feature for iOS and Android

  1. Log in the ZENworks Mobile Workspace administration console as an administrator.

  2. Click on the GENERAL menu.

  3. Go under the Security settings tab.

  4. Edit the desired settings (or create a new one).

  5. In the Push settings section, Enable push notifications ? by checking the box.

  6. Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Ensure these settings are affected to the wanted group of users.

Testing the push feature

Once ZENworks Mobile Workspace has been configured, the user has to login to initialize the push configuration.

The push notifications are displayed only when ZENworks Mobile Workspace is in background, when it is in foreground nothing will happen.

To test this feature, just send an email to the user and wait at least five minutes.

An alternative way is to send a message to all users through the administration console:

  1. Log in the ZENworks Mobile Workspace administration console as an administrator.

  2. Click on the DOMAIN menu.

  3. Go under the Status (. users connected) tab.

  4. In the Send a message to all users section, write a message.

  5. Click on the Send button.