Aim of this document is to guide you through the installation, updating and deleting of ZENworks Mobile Workspace Android application.


  1. You must have a device with Android 4.4 or higher (high-end device are recommended)

  2. You should have an high speed internet connection through WiFi or 3G connection

  3. Your device must not be jailbroken

Play Store Installation

Play Store download application

Start the Play Store and search for ZENworks Mobile Workspace.

Then touch INSTALL to start the download and the installation process.

When the download is completed, the ZENworks Mobile Workspace application should be available.

In-House installation

Go to web distribution server

Distribution server login page

With your Android device, open your browser and go the address provided by your company.

Web server address example

You will be presented with login page. Enter your credentials.

If, after touching Login, you are going back to the same page, ensure cookies are accepted.

Download the Android application

Distribution download application

After login, you will be offered to download all available applications.

Touch Install "ZENworks Mobile Workspace" for Android will show information popup to confirm the installation.

Touch OK to confirm that you want to download the application.

When the download is completed, the ZENworks Mobile Workspace application should be available.

Trust the enterprise certificate

Android need to trust enterprise certificate

If a security alert is displayed after opening the downloaded app, you will need to open device security settings.

Android trust enterprise certificate

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Now your able to launch the ZENworks Mobile Workspace application.

Launch the application

When you open the ZENworks Mobile Workspace application, you can have three different views:

follow the different action for each specific view.

Configure server address

Configure the server address

Enter the server address provided by your IT admin and touch Verify.

One of the following has been provided:

  • Advanced encryption (Zenworks encryption + SSL)

    • Zenworks mobile server behind proxy

    • Zenworks mobile server in front

  • Standard encryption (Zenworks encryption only)

    • Zenworks mobile server behind proxy

    • Zenworks mobile server in front


Enroll a user

When you launch for the first time the ZENworks Mobile Workspace application, you need to enroll yourself.

Android enrollment view

For that you need

  • Your username

  • Your password

  • Your enrollment code

Get the enrollment code

Distribution server home Android

To get your enrollment code, log in to the distribution server.

Touch Enrollment.

Distribution server enrollment

You see your enrollment code.

Distribution server generate enrollment

If it is available, you can generate an enrollment code by touching Request code.


If for any reason the user is not able to enroll and login anymore even after IT admin action, disenrollment could be used at last resort. You need to erase application’s data.

Android application info

Long press on your application icon.

Select App info.

Touch Storage.

Android application storage


When you restart the application, you will be requested to start the enrollment process.