ZENworks Service Desk 24.1

1.0 What’s New in ZENworks Service Desk 24.1

ZENworks Service Desk 24.1 contains incremental improvements to ZENworks Service Desk 23.4 based on customer feedback received and other important enhancements.

Following is the list of enhancements that are introduced in ZENworks Service Desk 24.1:

  • Service Desk Reports

    Introduced 'all process' reports across different report categories to view consolidate information on all request processes into a single comprehensive report.

    • Introduced the All Process Summary option in the KPI report.

    • Introduced the All Processes option in the Requests, Organization Reports, and Report Builder.

    • Introduced additional Technician reports to get consolidated information on status across all request processes.

    • Knowledge reports can be generated for all categories or all item types to get a comprehensive report.

    • The Request report now supports Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Annual trends.

    • Reports can be generated for a broader date range for KPI reports and Request trend reports.

  • Reset SLA

    The SLA dates can be reset when a request is reopened. If the Allow Re-open customer privilege is enabled, then SLA dates can be reset by enabling the Reset SLA privilege.

  • Quick Request using Group Quick Call

    Technicians can now create a quick request using a Group Quick Call.

  • Time Spent by a Technician

    • Request Print Preview and Note Details popup displays the Time Spent information.

    • Customers can view the time spent by a technician on a request if the privilege is enabled.

    The Show Time Spent customer privilege should be enabled.

  • Print Preview

    The Print preview of an Item includes a Description and Notes.

  • Getting Started

    The Getting Started page includes the Configure Multi-Factor Authentication tile.

  • Internal Database

    The Internal database is upgraded to PostgreSQL 15.x.

2.0 Platform Support Matrix

For more information on platform support matrix, see Platform Support Matrix.

3.0 Deploying the ZENworks Service Desk 24.1

To deploy ZENworks Service Desk 24.1, see the Appliance Deployment. section in the Service Desk Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference.

4.0 Migrating to the ZENworks Service Desk 24.1

To migrate to the ZENworks Service Desk 24.1, see the Migrating the Appliance section in the Service Desk Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference

5.0 Known Issues

This section displays the list of known issues in the ZENworks Service Desk 24.1:

  1. Azure AD user source details might not be from imported ZENworks

    If ZENworks Import is configured from the Getting Started page, the Azure AD user source details might not be imported into the ZENworks Service Desk.

    Workaround: Manually create the user source.

  2. Unable to save AAF Source Configuration

    An error message might be displayed while saving AAF source configuration details.

    Workaround: Go to another tab from the main menu, go back to AAF Source Configuration, and then configure.

  3. Requests page is not loading in the user portal for Manager imported from LDAP or Directory Server

    In the User Portal, the Request page is not loading for managers imported from an LDAP user source or Directory Server. This might apply to managers to whom the request process is not yet assigned.

    Workaround: Assign any one of the request processes to the manager.

  4. Login with ZENworks might not work

    When you login to ZENworks Service Desk, Login with ZENworks might now work.

    Workaround: Ensure that you log into ZENworks first, and then try to Login with ZENworks.

  5. Remember Login might not work for LDAP users

    Workaround: None

  6. In Android devices, unable to select date and time in the Dynamic Form

    In Android devices, when you open the portal in the Chrome browser, you will not be able to select the date field in the Dynamic Forms.

    Workaround: Open the portal in the Firefox browser.

  7. On mobile devices, you will not be able to resize the column width

    In the Request list and Knowledge Base list pages, you will not be able to resize the column width in the mobile devices.

    Workaround: None

  8. Unable to paste images in the Rich Text Editor

    While adding a content in rich text editor box, unable to paste an image that is available in the system.

    Workaround: Perform any one of the following:

    • Try with supported version of Mozilla Firefox.

    • Open the image in any image editor and copy the content, and then paste the image to the rich text editor.

  9. If ZENworks is configured with the Microsoft SQL Server Database, AMIE and ZENworks AMIE import might fail

    AMIE and ZENworks AMIE import fails when ZENworks is configured with the MS SQL Server and the database name has the special character, hyphen '-'.

    Workaround: None.

  10. Attachment previews are not displayed as expected

    While previewing an attachment in a request, the attachment preview might not be available or the preview might not be displayed properly.

    Workaround: None

  11. When an incident is linked to a new request, status might not change

    When you link an incident request to a new request such as Incident or Problem, the current status field might not change to “On Hold - Process Escalated”.

    Workaround: None.

  12. On some devices, the barcode scanner might not work

    On some devices, while scanning the barcode, the camera might not open or the scan might give invalid or no results.

    Workaround: None (Manually specify the details)

  13. Unable to scroll horizontally in the Request, AMIE Snapshots and KBA list pages

    If the Request, AMIE snapshots or KBA page has more number of entries and columns, then you will not be able to scroll the page horizontally.

    Workaround: Perform any one of the following:

    • Using left or right arrow key

    • Shift + mouse scroll up/down

    • (if supported) Use any alternate horizontal mechanism, such as Using touchpad or Mouse wheel

    • Scroll until the end of the list, and then use the horizontal scroll.

    • Remove unwanted columns from the list.

  14. Unable to download ZCC Helper while remote controlling a device

    While remote controlling ZENworks devices from ZENworks Service Desk, the ZCC helper might not be downloaded.

    Workaround: Contact ZENworks Administrator to get the latest version of ZCC Helper.

6.0 Additional Documentation

This Readme includes information specific to the ZENworks Service Desk 24.1 release. For all other ZENworks Service Desk documentation, see the ZENworks Service Desk 24.1 documentation website.