7.0 Migrating Service Desk Appliance

This chapter contains information about migrating your existing implementation of Service Desk that runs on the appliance.

If you are using Service Desk as a standalone application, see Section 8.0, Migrating Service Desk (Standalone).

For migrating information, see the following:


  • Service Desk supports no more than two major versions behind the latest release (N-2). Since the latest version is Service Desk 7.5 (N) the 7.4 (N-1) and 7.3 (N-2) versions are also supported.

  • From Service Desk 7.5, the directory structure has been changed as follows:

    • Resource directory: /vastorage/LiveTime

    • Application related logs: /vastorage/LiveTime/Logs

    • Service Desk installation location: /opt/novell/servicedesk

    • For logs, see Section 6.3, Logs