3.0 Pre-Design Activities

A firm understanding of the organization’s business and technical requirements that will take part is the first step in developing a solid design that meets the organization’s immediate and future needs.

IMPORTANT:Throughout this document, we refer to the need for proper documentation. Documentation is of the utmost importance. Documentation is a complete and accurate reference to the system you have designed and built, but most importantly, it is a reference for the future. As individuals transition in and out of the IT organization, the design documents become a reference as new employees learn the infrastructure they support, including techniques, policies, and design decisions. Documentation is also a good reference for others inside the organization who might not be involved in the day-to-day management of ZENworks Service Desk but are involved in the management of other projects that might have an impact on IT service delivery.

The following activities should be performed during the pre-design phase of implementing ZENworks Service Desk: