6.3 Network

  1. On the Service Desk Appliance home page, in the Appliance Configuration section, click Network.

  2. Below DNS Configuration, you can modify the name servers, search domains, and gateway settings for the Service Desk Appliance network.

  3. Below NIC Configuration, click the ID to modify the IP address, hostname, and network mask of any Network Interface Controller (NIC) associated with the Appliance. (If multiple NICs are configured for Service Desk Appliance, you can configure the additional NICs.)

  4. Click OK, then restart the Appliance to reflect the changes.

  5. (Optional) In the Appliance Administration UI (port 9443) Access Restrictions, specify the IP address of any networks for which you want to allow access to the Service Desk Appliance. Leave this blank to allow any network to access the Service Desk Appliance.

  6. Click OK.