ZENworks Service Desk 8.3

1.0 What’s New in ZENworks Service Desk 8.3

ZENworks Service Desk 8.3 release includes the following updates:

  1. Request List: Bulk Grouping & Opens Selected Group

    Bulk Grouping is back in the REQUESTS List with the option to navigate to that Group to easily manage the REQUESTS List.

  2. Advanced Item Search to change Item in Ticket

    Dynamically search through different Item Categories or Item Types to pinpoint the correct Item for the Ticket. The new Advanced Item Search displays Item columns to help identify and filter the correct Item.

  3. Personalize Customer Portal HOME Page Dashlet Order (Drag & Drop w/Save & Reset)

    This personalization provides a better customer experience when using the ZENworks Service Desk.

  4. Personalize Technician Portal REQUESTS List

    This personalization of REQUESTS List column selection and width is retained, giving a better Technician experience raising the proficiency each time the Technician logs into ZENworks Service Desk.

  5. New KNOWLEDGE UI with added functionality

    • Customer Portal SELF HELP Redesign, Rating & Comments

      Document content is important for the integrity of the information, so Customers can now provide feedback on the document via Rating and Comments. Also allows the Customer more flexibility and access to search results quickly and effectively.

    • Technician Portal KNOWLEDGE Documents Lists Page, Actions, Grouping, etc.

      Bulk Grouping and Actions can be performed on multiple documents for ease of managing those Articles.

    • Technician Portal KNOWLEDGE Documents, Rating & Comments

      Document content integrity is important, so as a Supervisor, the Customers Ratings and Comments on KB Documents can be managed.

    • Enhanced Filtering for KNOWLEDGE Documents

      Knowledge-base Document list page provides more flexibility, access to search results quickly, providing effective searching and feedback about the document.

    • Audit Redesign and Improvements.

  6. Use of Dynamic Forms in the Store Requests

    Gather more information above and beyond the custom fields by leveraging the flexibility of the Dynamic Forms. Adding this information or questions for Store Items via the Dynamic Form is very useful to provide the Requestor & Technician with the detailed information needed for a quick resolution.

  7. New Delegate Role to access/manage another Customer Tickets as Proxy

    A specific technician can act as a delegate for a defined set of end users so that they can assist customers regardless of team or technicians the request is assigned. Delegates have access to their customer requests in the user portal throughout the requests life cycle. A delegate can also approve request on behalf of customers.

  8. LDAP User Source Advanced Filtering via Query Capabilities

    Speed up the ZSD LDAP User Source with an additional filter Query function which will minimize the time taken to sync the Users from the user directory source. Logging of LDAP User Source Sync has also been added to the LiveTime.log.

  9. Technical Upkeep: Upgraded major third-party libraries for smooth and secure functioning.

  10. Internal database is upgraded to PostgreSQL 13.x.

2.0 Platform Support Matrix

For more information on platform support matrix, see Platform Support Matrix.

3.0 Deploying the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3

To deploy the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3, see Appliance Deployment in the Service Desk Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference.

4.0 Migrating to the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3

To migrate to the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3, see Appliance Migration in the Service Desk Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference.

5.0 Enabling the old features in the User portal

After migrating to ZENworks Service Desk 8.3, some of the features such as My Tasks, Service Requests, Incidents, Change Requests, and Problem in the User Portal are moved to the Request tab. To enable old features, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the system.properties file available in the following location:


  2. Modify the following line in the system.properties file (if the line is not available, then ensure that you add the line):


  3. Restart the ZENworks Service Desk service.

NOTE:Some of the new features added in the newly designed Request page might not be available in the old Request page.

6.0 Known Issues

This section displays the list of known issues in the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3.

  1. Unable to save the filter with an existing name

    Filter cannot be saved with an existing filter name, which is used in another page or tab.

    Workaround: Specify a unique name for the filter

  2. Filters might not be displayed properly on iPad

  3. While accessing the customer portal on iPad, filters might not be displayed properly.

    Workaround: Refresh the page.

  4. Remember Login might not work for LDAP users

    Workaround: None

  5. In Android devices, unable to select date and time in the Dynamic Form

    In Android devices, when you open the portal in the Chrome browser, you will not be able to select the date field in the Dynamic Forms.

    Workaround: Open the portal in the Firefox browser.

  6. On mobile devices, you will not be able to resize the column width

    In the Request list and Knowledge Base list pages, you will not be able to resize the column width in the mobile devices.

    Workaround: None

  7. Unable to paste images in the Rich Text Editor

    While adding a content in rich text editor box, unable to paste an image that is available in the system.

    Workaround: Perform any one of the following:

    • Try with supported version of Mozilla Firefox.

    • Open the image in any image editor and copy the content, and then paste the image to the rich text editor.

  8. If ZENworks is configured with the Microsoft SQL Server Database, AMIE and ZENworks AMIE import might fail

    AMIE and ZENworks AMIE import fails when ZENworks is configured with the MS SQL Server and the database name has the special character, hyphen '-'.

    Workaround: None.

  9. Attachment previews are not displayed as expected

    While previewing an attachment in a request, the attachment preview might not be available or the preview might not be displayed properly.

    Workaround: None

  10. The login screen might be displayed within a pop-up window from the Request Summary page

    When Print and Solution pop-up window is displayed from the Request Summary page, the login screen might be displayed for a fraction of seconds, before displaying the actual content.

    Workaround: None.

  11. The calendar date selection might not work

    After clearing the previously filled value, you might not be able to select the date from the calendar pop-up.

    Workaround: Reopen the calendar, and then select the date.

  12. When an incident is linked to a new request, status might not change

    When you link an incident request to a new request such as Incident or Problem, the current status field might not change to “On Hold - Process Escalated”.

    Workaround: None.

  13. On some devices, the barcode scanner might not work

    On some devices, while scanning the barcode, the camera might not open or the scan might give invalid or no results.

    Workaround: None (Manually specify the details)

  14. Unable to scroll horizontally in the Request and KBA list pages

    If the Request or KBA page has more number of requests and columns, then you will not be able to scroll the page horizontally.

    Workaround: Perform any one of the following:

    • Using left or right arrow key

    • Shift + mouse scroll up/down

    • (if supported) Use any alternate horizontal mechanism, such as Using touchpad or Mouse wheel

    • Scroll until the end of the list, and then use the horizontal scroll.

    • Remove unwanted columns from the list

  15. An application exception might be displayed, if you save the database or license configuration

    During installation or upgrade, if you save the database or license configuration, in the login page, java.lang.reflect.InvocationException or java.lang.NullpointerException might be displayed.

    Workaround: Restart the Service Desk service. Ensure that the database is up and running and that there are no connection issues between database and ZENworks Service Desk appliance

  16. If the default store team is edited, the enable queue error message might be displayed

    If the default store team is edited, then the enable queue error message might be displayed.

    Workaround: In the Team Information tab (Users > Teams > Default Store Team > Team Information > Information), swap the store user with a different username.

  17. Email attached using drag and drop in GroupWise and sent to ZENworks Service Desk will not be added as a note to the request

    In ZENworks Service Desk, if you drag and drop an email as attachment in the GroupWise client, then the attachment content will not be added as a note to the request instead it will be added as an attachment.

    Solution: In the GroupWise client, use the Forward as Attachment option instead of drag and drop.

7.0 Additional Documentation

This Readme includes information specific to the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3 release. For all other ZENworks Service Desk documentation, see the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3 documentation website.