7.1 Configuration

The Service Desk Configuration page is enabled only after Service Desk is successfully configured.

  1. On the Service Desk Appliance home page, in the Service Desk Appliance section, click Service Desk Configuration.

    The Service Desk Configuration page has the Summary of database configuration.

    The Summary enables you to view the Service Desk Server details. This includes information about the Certificate, Service Desk Database, and Appliance details, such as type of hypervisor used, operating system, RAM and file system and HDD details.

    The Appliance comes with built-in 40 GB of rootfs file system that is mounted on root directory. The Additional hard disk that is added will be attached to the /dev/sdb1 and mounted on /vastorage. All Service Desk related configurations, log files, certificates, and binaries are stored on the additional hard disk.

  2. Click Database Configuration to change the password of embedded database or to connect to an external database.

    To change the Embedded Database password:

    1. Choose the Embedded Database.

    2. Select Change Password for embedded database, specify the new password and confirm, and then click OK.


    To use an External Database:

    2c Choose External Database and click OK.

    2d Go to the Appliance Home page, click Service Desk, and configure the external database.