3.1 Deploying the Appliance

To deploy Service Desk Appliance, perform the following:

  1. Ensure that the virtual machine to which you want to deploy Service Desk Appliance meet the requirements listed in Section 2.0, System Requirements.

  2. Download the Service Desk Appliance file from the Micro Focus Software Licenses and Download site.

    Based on your hypervisor, download any of the following files:

    • VMware ESXi: Download the.ova file.

    • SUSE Xen Server: Download the xen.tar.gz file.

    • Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer): Download the xva.tar.gz file.

    • Microsoft Hyper-V: Download the.vhd file.

  3. Deploy the Service Desk Appliance to a Hypervisor by using the downloaded (.ova, xen.tar.gz, xva.tar.gz, or.vhd) file.

  4. After deploying Service Desk Appliance, you must add a hard disk of size minimum 15 GB for the Service Desk data before you power on the Virtual Machine.

    Depending on your requirements, you can increase the pre-configured disk space after deploying the Service Desk Appliance.

    NOTE:If you are planning to migrate, you can skip this step and ensure that you do not attach a new hard disk.

  5. Continue with the next task, Section 3.2, Configuring the Appliance Settings.