2.9 Service Transition - Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management falls within the realm of Service Transition, as part of ITIL. Within an Organization it is the Process responsible for gathering, analyzing, storing and sharing knowledge and information. Its main role is to improve service management efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge.

To this end, the system includes the Knowledge Base as an integral part of the Configuration Management System, using the Classifications, Categories and Types of the CMDB as the filing system for all Knowledge Base Articles. Therefore, when new requests are logged with the Service Desk, the system automatically searches through its information store for any Articles related to the current issue.

The Knowledge Base includes a variety of Article types. These are defined as:

Article Type



A reference document for general information


Frequently Asked Questions


Created within an Incident or Problem, to resolve a specific issue. Solutions are allocated an Assigned Request status, and can only be viewed by Users and Owners/Customers of the Item associated with the request.


Created within an Incident or Problem, to provide a possible workaround for a specific request.

Backout Procedure

Created within Change Request as a fallback plan for withdrawing a change procedure.