Primary User

The Primary User panel lets you determine how and when a device’s primary user is calculated.

You can define the primary user settings at three levels:

To set the calculation method for primary users:

  1. If you are setting the primary user calculation for a device or folder, click Override settings to activate the panel.

  2. Select one of the following calculation methods:

    Usage: The user who has been logged in to the device the greatest amount of time.

    Number of Logins: The user who has logged in to the device the most times.

    Select Primary User: The user you specify directly. Click Browse icon to select the user.

  3. If you want to have the calculation redone periodically, select one of the following reset options:

    Reset After X Days: Recalculates the primary user based on the interval you set. For example, if you select 30 days, the primary user is recalculated every 30 days. The default, 0 days, causes no recalculation to ever occur.

    Reset On Date: Recalculates the primary user on the specified date. Click Calender icon to display a calendar that you can use to select the date.

  4. Click Apply to save the settings.

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