4.0 Performing Design Activities

The design phase of any project is the most intensive part of any Novell ZENworks Configuration Management deployment or migration. This is where you conduct the most meetings, and identify granular details for the design document and the plan to get ZENworks Configuration Management successfully deployed across the infrastructure.

The design phase of the project is where you will spend the most time. Up to 80 percent of the project time is spent in this phase, so do not approach this lightly.

Success is the critical measure of all deployments. If the design is built correctly and is based on Novell best practices, the infrastructure should behave properly and you should see fewer performance issues. A good design should seldom, if ever, need to be changed. You want it to in place for years to come and simply extend upon it.

A combination of the business and technical assessments gives the design team the ability to forecast future needs so the design is based on what you foresee the company infrastructure is like in the future.

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