C.2 Sample Business Requirements Survey Questions

The following sample survey is a good starting point for you to develop a survey that you can use as you begin to discuss the ZENworks Configuration Management deployment project. You should modify the survey according to your specific needs. Each customer environment is different and each survey requires a different set of questions.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities, based on the information that you have on hand.

  1. Is this is a global organization? How many locations do you have? Where are they specifically?

  2. How many people work for your organization? Where are they located based on your answer to the first question? Do you support multiple languages? Do you have a list of departments and internal organizations that you can provide? What is the percentage breakdown of full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors or consultants?

  3. How many total users do you want to manage?

  4. How many total devices do you want to manage? What types of devices (laptops, desktops, handhelds)? What platforms are they?

  5. In terms of your people and locations, please provide some metrics for the following:

    • How many data centers do you operate? Where are they specifically?

    • What are the size breakdowns of your remote, typically lower bandwidth locations (for example, 10-50 users, 50-250 users, 250-1,000 users, etc.)?

    • What is the bandwidth to your data center and to your remote locations? Best case? Worse case?

    • Do you typically have servers at your remote locations? And if so, which platforms?

    • Where are your departments located? What do you mean by departments? Did you mean remote locations again?

    • Do you have employees that roam from site to site on a regular basis?

    • What percentage of your employee population is considered “mobile employees”?

    • Do you have employees who work from home?

  6. Do you have an ITIL initiative in place or under way? If so, which disciplines are you currently utilizing or plan to utilize?

  7. Does your organization have Service Level Agreements in place with other internal and external organizations, suppliers, or vendors?

  8. What other projects are currently under way at your organization? For example, SAP implementation, Service Desk implementation, Identity Management, Security Management, etc.

  9. Are there times during each month or quarter where blackouts to implement changes are in effect?

  10. How are often are changes implemented? Do you have a regular schedule? As needed? Are the changes and change windows tightly controlled?

  11. Do you have a Change Control Board? If so, who are the members of this board and where are they located? How are changes proposed, reviewed, tracked, and ultimately managed?

  12. Do you always have a test environment for each critical system? And if so, are these environments persistent or only available during deployment?

  13. Do you have a Security department? If so, who are the leaders of this department and where are they located?

  14. Is security managed centrally? Does this include both physical and logical security? Do you have an empowered security officer (CSO, Director, etc.)?

  15. Do you have any type of endpoint security in place? For example, USB controls, encryption (full disk or file level), WiFi controls, VPN, or VPN enforcement?

  16. Do you have a Service Desk in place? Is it centralized or decentralized? Is this a 24x7 operation? Who manages the Service Desk operations? What service desk are you running (commercial package or homegrown)?

  17. Do you have a configuration/change management database system? If so, is this a commercial package (and if so what?) or homegrown?

  18. Do you have a Project Management Office in place? Do you typically allocate Project Managers to your internal projects, or is this something that is normally outsourced?

  19. Does the organization have any growth plans or expectations (that can be shared) for the upcoming two or three years where you would be expanding outside of your existing location base? What quantity of growth do you expect from a user or device perspective?