C.3 Sample Technical Requirements Survey Questions

The following sample survey is a good starting point for you to develop a survey that you can use as you begin to discuss the ZENworks Configuration Management deployment project. You should modify the survey according to your specific needs. Each customer environment is different and requires a different set of questions.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities, based on the information that you have on hand.

  1. Can you provide a diagram of your network infrastructure, including network hardware, placement, and link speeds?

  2. What are the desktop operating systems that you support in your environment?

  3. What are the server operating systems that your support in your environment? Do you anticipate leveraging any of your existing server infrastructure to host ZENworks services?

  4. How many people will be supported with the ZENworks solution? Do you have initial thoughts on how quickly you would like to deploy this? What is your estimated project completion date?

  5. Do you currently support mobile users? Will you begin, or continue, to support mobile users with the new ZENworks implementation?

  6. Do you host your own DNS infrastructure? Can you provide details on how your DNS is currently set up?

  7. Can you provide details on how your DHCP infrastructure is set up? Can you provide a list of subnets by site (IP subnet design diagram)?

  8. Are you currently leveraging any form of Network Access Control (NAC)? If so, which solution is in place?

  9. Are you currently leveraging any form of endpoint security management at the desktop and server levels? If so, which solution is in place?

  10. How do roaming users access your corporate infrastructure from remote locations (VPN, Access Management, etc.)?

  11. Which directory services technologies do you have in place (Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, Sun Directory Services, etc.)? Are you able to provide diagrams that show the physical structures of each of the individual directory services that you are currently leveraging?

  12. Do you have any existing Identity Management software in place? If so, which product are your currently using?

  13. Are you currently utilizing any other systems management products to perform any form of desktop management? If so, provide details around each of the individual point technologies that you are currently leveraging. This would include areas such as:

    • Software deployment

    • Desktop policy management

    • Desktop and server OS provisioning

    • Patch management

    • Hardware inventory collection

    • Software inventory collection

    • Reporting

    • License compliance

    • Usage tracking

    • Contract management

    • Endpoint Security Management

    • Remote control

    • Other forms of remote diagnostics

    • Thin-client solutions

    • Application virtualization

    • Other forms of advanced scripting capabilities

    • Homegrown processes (provide as much detail as possible on each of the homegrown applications you are currently using for systems management)

      NOTE:The parameters listed above are applicable for both the Windows and the Linux platforms.

  14. Are you also performing a hardware refresh at this time? If not, when will you be performing the next one? If so, when will it be complete?

  15. What is your turnaround time when it comes to hardware acquisition (desktop and server)?