4.15 Disabling Policies

When you create a policy in ZENworks Configuration Management, the policy is enabled by default. Policies can be disabled by an administrator. If a policy is disabled, it is not considered for enforcement on any of the devices and users that it applies to.

To disable a policy:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Policies tab.

  2. Select the check box next to the policy (or policies) that you want to disable.

  3. Click Action > Disable Policies.

    In the Policies list, the status of Enabled for the policy (or policies) is changed to No.

    When you disable a policy that has already been enforced for some managed devices and users, the policy is removed from those devices and it is not enforced for new devices and users.

    NOTE:If policies are disabled for the management zone using ZENworks Control Center, some policies like Group policy, Launcher policy and DLU policy can be created and applied to the managed device if there is an active ZESM license.