1.1 Bundles

Bundles are used to configure and manage applications and to distribute software. A bundle consists of all the files, configuration settings, installation instructions, and so forth required to deploy and manage the application or files on a device.

Bundles are categorized into various types based on the device operating system and the functionality required.

You can use ZENworks Control Center or the zman command line utility to create the following bundles:

ZENworks also supports the following bundles:

To create a software bundle, you use the Create New Bundle Wizard in ZENworks Control Center or you use the zman command line utility. For more information on using ZENworks Control Center, see Section 2.0, Creating Bundles and for information on using the zman command line utility, see ZENworks Command Line Utilities in the ZENworks 11 Command Line Utilities Reference.

The sections in this guide provide conceptual and task-based information to help you effectively manage software distribution in your ZENworks system. You can also use the online Help system for information about creating bundles.