3.0 Creating a Diagnostics Package

If Novell Support is helping you resolve an Endpoint Security Agent issue on one of your devices, you might be asked to generate a diagnostic package for Support to review. This package contains information about the device’s Group Policy object, registry settings, system, and system events.

To create a diagnostics package:

  1. On the device, double-click the icon in the notification area, then click Endpoint Security.

  2. In the Endpoint Security Agent Actions section, click About to display the About dialog box.

  3. Click Diagnostics.

  4. Select the information to be included in the package.

    Group Policy Object: Captures the current GPO for the user/device as designated by your directory service.

    Last Memory Dump: Captures the last memory dump generated by the device.

    Registry Settings: Captures the device’s current registry settings.

    System Information: Captures the device’s system information.

    System Event Logs: Captures the device’s current System Event logs.

  5. Click Create Package to generate the package.

    The generated package (ZESDiagnostics_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.zip.enc) is saved on the desktop. This file is encrypted and can only be viewed by Novell Support.