7.0 Overriding Security Policies

The Endpoint Security Agent includes a policy override feature that disables the current security policies. All policies are disabled except for the Data Encryption policy, which continues to be enforced.

To override the security policies on a device:

  1. Make sure you have enabled the device to accept an override password. For information, see Section A.0, Override Password.

  2. On the device, double-click the icon in the notification area, then click Endpoint Security.

  3. In the Endpoint Security Agent Actions section, click About to display the About dialog box.

  4. Click Override Policy.

  5. Specify the override password or the override password key, then click Override.

    The Override Policy button changes to Load Policy, as shown below.

    The override stays in effect until one of the following occurs:

    • The Load Policy button is clicked.

    • The device reboots.

    • If an override password key was used, the maximum override time expires or the key expires.