9.0 Viewing Status Information

The Endpoint Security Agent provides a variety of status information related to the enforcment of security policies on the device. For example, the agent displays the current enforcement settings for the Firewall policy and resulting firewall activity. The agent also lists the detected USB devices and whether or not they can be accessed based on the USB Connectivity policy settings. This is just a small sample of the extensive status information available in the agent.

To view the Endpoint Security Agent status information:

  1. Make sure you have enabled the device to accept an override password. For information, see Section A.0, Override Password.

  2. On the device, double-click the icon in the notification area, then click Endpoint Security.

  3. In the Endpoint Security Agent Actions section, click About to display the About dialog box.

  4. Click Agent Status.

  5. Specify the override password or the override password key, then click OK.

    The Agent Status dialog box includes a variety of tabs with different information. The displayed tabs can change depending on the policies assigned to the device.

  6. After you finish viewing the status pages, click Close to exit the dialog box.