3.2 Gathering Installation Information

During installation of ZENworks 11 , you need to know the following information:

  • Installation method to use (GUI, command line, or unattended)

    • Graphical User Interface: A graphical user interface (GUI) installation program that works with both Windows and Linux servers is provided on the installation CD. For Linux servers, GUI capability must already be installed.

    • Command Line: A command line installation is available, but only for Linux servers. The Windows and Linux installation executables can both be run from a command line for purposes of using installation arguments, but for Windows it only starts the GUI installation program.

    • Unattended: You can use either installation method to create a response file for an unattended installation of ZENworks to other servers.

  • Installation path (for Windows only)

  • Management Zone (zone name, username, password, and port)

  • Database choice (embedded Sybase SQL, remote OEM Sybase SQL, external Sybase SQL, external Microsoft SQL, or Oracle database)

    For more information, see Section 3.3, Preinstallation Tasks.

  • Database information (server name, port, database name, username, password, named instance, domain, and whether you are using Windows or SQL Server authentication)

    For Oracle and MS SQL, ensure that the database username adheres to the following conventions:

    • The name must begin with an alphabetic character.

    • The following characters cannot be used: - (hyphen) or . (period). Additionally, @ cannot be used in username for Oracle.

  • Certificate Authority information (internal, or signed certificate, private key, and public certificate) in DER format

  • License keys (60-day trial options are available)

  • If you choose to deploy Primary Servers behind a L4 switch, ensure that all such Primary servers are running on the same HTTP and HTTPS ports.

For more information on these items, see Table 4-1, Installation Information.

To start a ZENworks installation, continue with Section 3.3, Preinstallation Tasks.