2.4 ZENworks Patch Management

The following information applies to ZENworks 11 coexistence with ZENworks 7.x Patch Management (ZPM 7) and ZENworks Patch Management 6.4 (ZPM 6.4):

  • Server Coexistence: There are no known coexistence issues. For performance reasons, however, we recommend that you do not install a ZENworks 11 Server on the same network server as a ZPM 7/ZPM 6.4 Server.

  • Agent Coexistence: The ZENworks 11 Adaptive Agent and ZPM 7/ZPM 6.4 Agents can coexist. If you decide to use ZENworks 11 Patch Management instead of ZPM 7/ZPM 6.4, you can remove the ZPM 7/ZPM 6.4 Agent because ZENworks 11 Patch Management uses the ZENworks 11 Adaptive Agent.