4.1 Viewing Subscription Service Information

  1. Click the Configuration tab in the left panel.

    The Configuration page appears as shown in the following figure:

  2. Click Patch Management.

    Eight links—Subscription Service Information, Schedule Discover Applicable Update Bundles, Schedule Discover Applicable Update Bundles Install, Schedule Discover Applicable Update Bundles Distribution, Configure HTTP Proxy, Subscription Download, Patch Subscription Credentials, Mandatory Baseline Settings, Email Notification, Dashboard and Trending, and Deployment Options—are displayed:

    Patch Management Configuration Options
  3. Click the Subscription Service Information link.

    The Subscription Service Information page appears, as shown in the following figure:

Refresh option in the Action menu

The Subscription Service Information page displays all the information about your subscription, including the status. You can also update your subscription settings on this page.

You can refresh the subscription information by clicking the Action drop-down list on the Subscription Information page and selecting the Refresh option, as shown in the following figure:

The following table describes each status item featured on the Subscription Service Information page:

Status Item


Start the Subscription Service

Enables you to select a server from multiple servers in your management zone. You select a server from the drop-down list and click the Start button to start the subscription service.

  • After the subscription service starts running, the Start button reads Service Running.

  • If there are multiple ZENworks Servers in your management zone, you can select any one of them to be the Patch Management Server.

The Patch Management Server selected will download new patches and updates daily, so it should have good connectivity to the Internet.

NOTE:Selecting the Patch Management Server can be done only once per zone in this release.

Last Subscription Poll

The date and time of the last successful update.

Subscription Replication Status

The latest status of the process of patch subscription replication.

Subscription Host

The DNS name of the Patch Management licensing server.

Subscription Communication Interval (Every Day at)

The time at which the ZENworks Server will communicate with the ZENworks Patch Subscription Network to retrieve new patches and updates.

Reset ZENworks Patch Management Settings

Enables you to set all Patch Management settings, including deployments, back to the default state.

The following table describes the action of each button on the page:




Enables you to go back to the Configuration page.


Enables you to save the changes made to the Subscription Communication Interval.


Enables you to reset the replication status and initiate a complete replication with the ZENworks Patch Subscription Network.

Update Now

Initiates replication of the ZENworks Server with the ZENworks Patch Subscription Network and forces an immediate download of the patch subscription.


Enables you to cancel the last action performed.

The Subscription Service History section displays the activity log of the subscription activities. The following table describes each item featured in this section.




Subscription type defined for your account: Patches (Subscription Replication), Bundles (Subscription Replication), and Licenses.


Status of the replication. When replication begins, the status reads In Progress. When replication ends, the status reads Complete.

NOTE:If the replication process is interrupted, the status reads Resetting. This indicates that the replication process has continued from the point where it was interrupted.

Start Date

The date and time when replication started.

End Date

The date and time when replication ended.


The length of time the replication has been going on.


Indicates whether the replication was successful or not. True indicates successful replication and False indicates incomplete or failed replication.

Error Detail (if any)

Details of any error encountered during the patch download process.