6.10 Notification and Reboot Options

The Notification and Reboot Options page of the Deploy Remediation Wizard allows you to define whether users receive notification of patch deployments and reboots, and to customize the notification. Setting the notification and reboot options is the ninth step in scheduling a deployment for a selected patch.

Figure 6-30 Notification and Reboot Options Page

The page provides the following options:

  • Notify Users: Select this option to notify the user when patch installation completes.

  • Popup Text: The text of the popup window that appears before patch installation completes and the computer reboots.

  • Description text: The text of the notification message.

  • Use values assigned to system variables or defaults: Select this option to use the default settings for each agent. This option disables all other reboot notification options.

    The following table describes system variables or defaults for notification and reboot options:

    System Variable

    Variable Value

    Notify Users


    Popup text

    Important patches have been installed. In order for these patches to be applied a reboot is required. Please click here to reboot now.

    Description text

    To complete the installation of patches to your computer, it is now necessary to reboot. If you require any additional information, please contact your Novell ZENworks Patch Management administrator.

    Suppress Reboot


    Allow User to cancel


    Time to show dialog before reboot


    120 seconds

    Allow User to snooze


    0 Days 2 Hours 0 Minutes

  • Override Settings: Select this option to use the settings chosen by users for each agent. Selecting this option enables all other notification options and enables you to edit the default settings.

    For eg. Select this option and customize the settings by changing the Popup text to “Custom Reboot Popup text” and the Description text to “Custom Reboot Description text”. Also change the options settings as shown in the figure below.

    Panel with all monthly deployment options

    A popup text will be displayed when the reboot will be required as shown in the figure below.

    Root folders for each type of device

    A popup will be displayed containing the customized description as shown in the figure below.

    Root folders for each type of device
  • Options: When defining reboot options, you can specify whether to use the values in the default settings (the Use values assigned to system variables or defaults check box) or in the custom settings. There are four options:

    • Suppress Reboot: Prevents a reboot even if the patch bundle requires a reboot.

    • Allow User to cancel: Allows the user to cancel the reboot.

    • Time to show dialog before reboot: The time in seconds that allows user to choose whether to reboot after installation of a patch.

    • Allow User to snooze: Allows the user to snooze the reboot.

      NOTE:Even if you choose to snooze the reboot, the pop-up window continues to appear every few seconds until you proceed with or cancel the reboot.

Click the Next button to proceed to the Deployment Summary page. Click the Back button to return to the previous page. Click Cancel to exit the wizard.