5.2 Dashboard

The Dashboard addresses operational, management, and compliance reporting needs with a graphical dashboard and four standard reports that document patches, patch deployments, patch status, trends, inventory and more, at individual machine or aggregated levels. This provides a unified view to demonstrate progress toward internal and external audit and compliance requirements. Clicking a dashboard report will display more information about that report in tabular form. You can update the dashboard by clicking the Update Dashboard Report button in the Action menu of the Patch Management tab.

The dashboard reporting thread captures daily statistics concerning the overall percentage of enabled patches that are actually patched on a given day. It will take at least 24 hours for the initial dashboard reports to be generated.

NOTE:To use patch management effectively, customers should disable the patches that are irrelevant to their environment, so that the daily compliance statistics are based only on patches relevant to their network of devices, giving the percentage of enabled patches actually applied on a given day.

Following is an illustration of the Dashboard page:

Figure 5-3 Dashboard Page

The following table describes the action of each button on the page:

Button Name



Displays the details graphically.


Displays the details in tabular form.

Zoom Control

Enlarges or reduces a single graph into the full page size or restores it to the original size.

Update Dashboard Report

Refreshes the Dashboard page to show the updated information.

When you click the button, the corresponding graph is in full page size mode; when you click the button, the corresponding graph is restored to its former size.