5.5 Patch Management BOE Reports

Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) reports are available to customers who install ZENworks Reporting Services (ZRS) inside ZENworks 11 SP2. The following predefined reports are included for Patch Management:

  • Mandatory Baseline Details: Displays the applicable device names and patch statuses for the patches within the selected mandatory baseline. This report also helps you to monitor and communicate the compliance level for mandatory patches in the environment.

  • Mandatory Baseline Summary: Displays the applicable device names and patch statuses for the patches. It also displays the criticality and the percentage of patched and not patched devices.

  • Vulnerability Analysis: Displays the criticality level for patches that are applicable in an enterprise. It also displays the number of devices applicable to the patch, and the percentage of patched devices. This report is designed to assist in showing adherence to various compliances that require a level of patching efforts.

    NOTE:On a Linux server, the Vulnerability Analysis and the Mandatory Baseline Summary reports display blank columns even though the reports have data. To view the data, modify the reports and set the text color to black in the Formatting toolbar, then save the reports. You need to do this only once.

  • Patch Assessment Report: Displays the patches released by vendors, and the number of patched, not patched, and not applicable devices.

  • Patch Release Report: Displays the number of patches released by vendors. The details section displays the patch name and percentage patched by impact and vendor.

  • Top 10 Not Patched Critical Patches: Displays the 10 most critical patches that have not been applied to any device.

  • Patch Bundle Assignment Summary

    • Summary Report: Displays the patched, not patched, not applicable, and patch percentage statuses by bundle name and patch name.

    • Detail Report: Displays the devices, device patch status, and deployment state by Bundle and Patch.

  • Patch Analysis

    • Dashboard: Displays the patch status by vendor for the selected deployment status and impact.

    • Detail Page: Displays the patch name, release date, impact, deployment state, and patch status.

  • Patch Detail Report: Displays the devices and patch status for the selected vendors, patches, impact, and patch status.