11.8 Viewing Patch Analysis

A patch needs to be assigned as mandatory baseline on a device. In the Baseline report an entry will be made. These are the steps to view the Baseline report.

  1. Click the ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView below the ZENworks Reporting Server:

    Configuration Page
  2. Click Novell ZENworks Reports, then click Predefined Reports and then click > Patch Management to display the ten links (Application Discovery Not Deployed, Application Discovery Not Run in a Specified Time, Baseline Report, Bundle Deployment Summary, Critical Patch Status Report, Device Patch Status By Vendor, Mandatory Baseline By Patch, Mandatory Baseline Details, Mandatory Baseline Summary and Patch Analysis):

  3. Click on the Patch Analysis link. A prompt window opens up. Choose Enter value(s) for the respective fields: under Prompts message box. Click Refresh values and select the information for which report is to be generated and click the button. Fill details in the prompt box and as shown in the figure below:

    prompt impact

    Click Run Query prompt impact button.

  4. The report is generated for all the available patches in vendor order, as shown below:

    Patch analysis dashboard

    Click the “Patch Analysis” at the bottom panel of the page we can see the details of the patches according to the preferences that we had selected in the prompt box:

    Patch Analysis

    The following table describes the main information displayed on the Patch Analysis page:




    Displays the name of the Vendor.

    Patch Name

    The name of the patch.

    Released Date

    Displays the date of the patch it was released on.


    Displays the severity of the patch; the type can be Critical, Recommended, Informational or Software Installers.


    Displays the total number of agent for which they are applicable.


    Displays the total number of successful patches for the respective vendor.

    Not Patched

    Displays the total number of patches which were not patched for the respective vendor.

    % Patched

    Percentage of the agents that has been patched.