11.11 Viewing Patch Assessment Report

The Patch Assessment Report shows all released patches and their impact. These are the steps to view the Patch Assessment report.

  1. Click the ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView below the ZENworks Reporting Server:

    Configuration Page
  2. Click Novell ZENworks Reports, then click Predefined Reports and then click > Patch Management to display the links, then select Page 2, there should be 7 titles visible: (Patch Assessment Report, Patch Bundle Deployment Status, Patch Deployment Summary, Patch Detail Report, Patch Release Report, Patch Tuesday Summary and Top 10 Not Patched Critical Status):

  3. Click on the Patch Assessment Report link.

  4. The report is generated for all the available patches in vendor order, as shown below:

    Patch Assessment report

    The following table describes the main information displayed on the Patch Assessment Report page:




    Displays the name of the Vendor of the patch.

    Released Patches

    Shows all released patches.

    Patch Impact

    Details the impact of each patch