11.14 Viewing Patch Detail Report

The steps to view the Patch Detail report are shown below.

  1. Click the ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView below the ZENworks Reporting Server:

    Configuration Page
  2. Click Novell ZENworks Reports, then click Predefined Reports and then click > Patch Management to display the links, then select Page 2, there should be 7 titles visible: (Patch Assessment Report, Patch Bundle Deployment Status, Patch Deployment Summary, Patch Detail Report, Patch Release Report, Patch Tuesday Summary and Top 10 Not Patched Critical Status):

  3. Click on the Patch Detail link. The Specify Time prompt box appears:

    Specify time prompt

    Choose Enter value(s) for the respective fields: under Prompts message box. Click Refresh values Specify time prompt and select the information for which report is to be generated and click the Specify time prompt button.

    Click Run Query Specify time prompt button.

  4. The report is generated for each patch, as displayed below:

    Patch detail report

    The following table describes the main information displayed on the Patch Detail Report page:



    Patch Name

    Displays the name of the Patch.

    Patched / Not Patched / Not Applicable / Error

    Details whether the patch has been deployed.

    Total Devices

    Displays the total devices deployed to.

    % Patched

    Shows the percentage of patched devices.