9.1 Asset Management

ZENworks 11 SP2 Asset Management lets you monitor software license compliance, track software usage, and track software ownership through the allocation of licenses to devices, sites, departments, and cost centers.



Asset Management icon

Activate Asset Management

If you did not activate Asset Management during installation of the Management Zone, either by providing a license key or by turning on the evaluation, you must do so before you can use the product.

For instructions, see Section 10.1, Activating Asset Management.

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Enable the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to perform Asset Management operations

The agent’s Asset Management feature is enabled by default when ZENworks Asset Management is activated (full license or evaluation).

You should verify that the agent’s Asset Management feature is still enabled. In addition, if you want to track software licenses against users (rather than only against devices), you need to enable the User Management feature, which is disabled by default. For instructions, see Section 10.2, Enabling Asset Management in the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.

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Scan devices to collect software and hardware inventory

Scan devices to collect software and hardware inventories for the devices. The inventory information can help you make decisions about software distribution and hardware upgrades.

This task must be done before you can do any of the remaining tasks.

For instructions, see Section 10.3, Collecting Software and Hardware Inventory.

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Monitor software usage

Generate reports to analyze how much and how often software products are being used.

For instructions, see Section 10.4, Monitoring Software Usage.

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Monitor software license compliance

See whether your installed software products are properly licensed, under licensed, or over licensed.

For instructions, see Section 10.5, Monitoring License Compliance.

Licensed Products

Allocate licenses

Allocate licenses within your organization to track ownership and distribution of the licenses. You can allocate licenses to devices or demographics (sites, departments, and cost centers).

For instructions, see Section 10.6, Allocating Licenses.