9.5 Patch Management

ZENworks 11 SP2 Patch Management lets you automate the process of assessing software vulnerabilities and applying patches to eliminate the vulnerabilities.

The following tasks must be done in the order listed.



Patch Management icon

Activate Patch Management

If Patch Management was not activated during installation of the ZENworks Management Zone, either by supplying a subscription license or turning on the evaluation, you need to activate the product.

For instructions, see Section 14.1, Activating Patch Management.

ZENworks icon

Enable the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to perform Patch Management operations

For the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to perform Patch Management operations on a device, the agent’s Patch Management feature must be enabled. The Patch Management feature is enabled by default when ZENworks Patch Management is activated (full license or evaluation).

You should verify that the agent’s Patch Management feature is enabled. For instructions, see Section 14.2, Enabling Patch Management in the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.

Server icon

Start the subscription service

You must start the subscription service on a ZENworks Server. This server downloads the patches and replicates them to other ZENworks Servers (if you have more than one).

For instructions, see Section 14.3, Starting the Subscription Service.

Patch Management icon

Deploy patches

After the subscription service has download patches, apply the desired patches.

For instructions, see Section 14.4, Deploying a Patch.