13.1 Activating Full Disk Encryption

If you did not activate Full Disk Encryption during installation of the Management Zone, either by providing a license key or by turning on the evaluation, you need to do so now.

Watch a video that demonstrates how to activate Full Disk Encryption and enable the Full Disk Encryption Agent.

To activate Full Disk Encryption:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration.

  2. In the Licenses panel, click ZENworks 11 Full Disk Encryption.

  3. Select Evaluate/Activate product, then fill in the following fields:

    Use Evaluation: Select this option to enable a 60-day evaluation period. After the 60-day period, you must apply a product license key to continue using the product.

    Product License Key: Specify the license key you purchased for ZENworks Full Disk Encryption. To purchase a product license, see the Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption product site.

  4. Click OK.