1.2 Restoring a ZENworks Server

This procedure assumes the following:

IMPORTANT: When you restore the ZENworks Server and the database, you must first restore the ZENworks Server, then continue with restoring the latest backed-up ZENworks database.

To restore a ZENworks server:

  1. Reinstall the ZENworks Server, using the same IP address and DNS name.

    If you do not use the same IP address and DNS name, any devices that connect to the server need to reregister.

    If you have only one Primary Server connected to an external database in a zone, reinstall the Primary server and create a dummy database during the installation. You do not need to create an internal database.

    If you have more than one Primary server connected to an external database in a zone, reinstall the failed Primary server as a second Primary Server. You are not prompted to configure the database during the installation.

  2. Ensure that you have read/write rights to the Novell\ZENworks\conf directory on a Windows server or the etc/opt/novell/zenworks directory on a Linux server.

  3. At a command prompt on the ZENworks Server, enter the following command:

    zman zenserver-restore path_to_backup_file_to_restore

    For example:

    zman zenserver-restore c:\zcm_backups\zone_backup.bak


    zman zenserver-restore /root/zcm_backups/zone_backup.bak

  4. When prompted, enter a ZENworks administrator name and password.

  5. When prompted, enter the pass phrase (at least 10 characters) to be used for decrypting the backup file.

    This is the same passphrase that was entered to encrypt the file when backing up the server.

  6. (Conditional) If the database is located on the server, restore the database after the ZENworks Server information has been restored. For instructions, see Restoring the Embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere Database in the ZENworks 11 Database Management Reference.

  7. (Conditional) If you have backups of the image files, restore the files to the Novell\Zenworks\work\content-repo\images directory on a Windows server or the /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/images directory on a Linux server.

  8. Restart the ZENworks Server.