31.3 Configuring the Settings on a Managed Device

For managed devices to download the content repository by using a CIFS share, you need to configure the following settings on every device:

For Windows:

Create the following string value in the registry on the managed device:


Specify the value name as PreferredContentRepo. Set the value of the string as \\<ip address>\\content-repo\.

For example, PreferredContentRepo = \\\content-repo\.

For Linux:

In the /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/conf/xplatzmd.properties file on the managed device, set the value of the PreferredContentRepo string as smb://<ip address>>/<content-repo>/.

The imaging content is replicated according to the default content replecation schedule even if you change the schedule after promoting a managed device to an Imaging Satellite.

Content in the database is not available in the content repository