11.0 Patch Management Settings

The Patch Management section contains the following settings:

Subscription Service Information: Display information about your subscription, including the status. You can also update your subscription settings. For more information, see Subscription Service Information.

Schedule Discover Applicable Update Bundles Install: Allow the DAU Bundle to be configured on when to install fingerprints.

Schedule Discover Applicable Update Bundle Distribution: Allow the DAU Bundle to be configured on when to disctribute fingerprints.

Configure HTTP Proxy: Configure an HTTP proxy for access to Internet patch subscription. The HTTP proxy server allows ZENworks Patch Management Services to download subscription service over the Internet. For more information, see Configure HTTP Proxy.

Subscription Download: Configure the subscription download options for the ZENworks Primary Server. For more information, see Subscription Download.

Patch Subscription Credentials: Specify network credentials to authenticate download and installation of patches for Linux subscription providers, such as RedHat and SUSE. For more information, see Patch Subscription Credentials.

Mandatory Baseline Settings: Configure the deployment of mandatory baseline patches. For more information, see Mandatory Baseline Settings.

Email Notification: Set up the e-mail notification options when the Patch Management Server detects a new patch. For more information, see Email Notification.

Dashboard and Trending: Configure the patch Dashboard and trending information for the Patch Management Server. For more information, see Dashboard and Trending.

Deployment Options: Configure the patch deployment options.