1.10 Full Disk Encryption

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption, which is new to ZENworks 11 SP2, uses sector-based disk encryption and preboot authentication to protect the data on a device’s local fixed volumes when the device is powered off or in hibernation mode. You can encrypt the full disk (all volumes) or selected volumes only. Everything on the selected volumes is encrypted, including temporary files, swap files, and the operating system. The volume's data cannot be accessed until an authorized user logs in, and data can never be accessed by booting the device from media such as a CD/DVD, floppy disk, or USB drive.

For information about getting started with ZENworks Full Disk Encryption, see Full Disk Encryption in the ZENworks 11 SP2 Administration Quick Start. For additional information, see the ZENworks 11 SP2 Full Disk Encryption Policy Reference.