1.0 ZENworks Reporting Migration

This guideincludes information to help you migrate reports from ZENworks Reporting Server (ZRS) to ZENworks Reporting 5.

Novell is discontinuing the support of ZRS starting with the ZENworks 11 SP3 release. When you upgrade ZENworks Reporting server (ZRS) to ZENworks 11 SP3, all BOE-related functionality is deleted. ZENworks Reporting 5 is a replacement for ZRS and is available from the ZENworks 11.2.4 release. If you want to migrate your reports, you must upgrade to ZENworks 11.2.4, and install ZENworks Reporting 5.

All standard reports available in ZRS are also available in ZENworks Reporting 5. However, any user-defined custom reports must be manually migrated to ZENworks Reporting 5 since, they are no longer available, starting with the ZENworks 11 SP3 release.

To help in this report migration, ZENworks 11.2.4 supports both ZRS and ZENworks Reporting 5. Thus, both servers can run simultaneously in the zone and point towards the same database. This document provides steps to migrate custom reports from ZRS to ZENworks Reporting 5.

If you are unable to migrate custom reports before upgrading to ZENworks 11 SP3, backup of ZENworks Reporting Server, ZENworks Primary Server, and ZENworks database, and move the backup to a location outside the ZENworks Zone. This ensures that a copy of ZRS (running on 11.2.4) is available for your report migration.

The following report types are available in ZENworks Reporting Server (ZRS):

Simple reports are custom reports without filter prompts.

To migrate your reports, see the information in the following sections: