4.1 Change Event Categories

You can configure the following types of change events:

  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management: When an Endpoint Security policy is modified.

  • Full Disk Encryption: When a Disk Encryption policy is modified.

  • ZENworks System: When changes are made to the following objects:

    • Settings: When a zone setting or object setting is changed.

    • User Source: When User Sources and User Source Connections are added, removed, deleted, or modified.

    • Administration: For all actions related to ZENworks Control Center login, administrator and administrator groups, credential vault, roles, and registration.

    • Location: When Locations and Network Environments are created, deleted, or modified.

    • System Update: For the various stages of system update deployment.

    • Licensing: When products are activated or deactivated.

    • Devices: For all changes made to devices, device folders, device groups, and Satellite Servers.

    • Bundles: For all actions performed on bundles and bundle groups.

    • Policies: For all actions performed on policies, policy folders, and policy groups.

    • Discovery Tasks and Deployment Tasks: For all changes made to discovery and deployment tasks.

    • Subscriptions: For all changes made to subscriptions and subscription folders.

    • Zone Sharing: When zone sharing is suspended or changes are made.

    • Patch: When patches are enabled, disabled, created, or modified.

For information about how to configure change events, see Enabling a Change Event.