10.10 Agent Deployment in VDI environment

Perform the following steps to prepare Master image:

  1. Install the Agent manually.

    For more information, see Section 10.6, Manually Deploying the Agent on Windows.

  2. Backup the initial-web-service file from the %ZENworks_Home%\conf location.

  3. If you want to add a registration key, you can add in the initial-web-service file.

    The first line of the initial-web-service file contains the list of IP addresses and host names of the server to which this device has registered. Add the registration key in the second line.

  4. Unregister the device by using the zac unr command.

  5. Clear the Workstation GUID by using zac fsg -d command.

  6. Open the command prompt as an administrator, go to %ZENworks_Home%\bin\preboot folder, then run the ZISWIN.exe -w command to clear Image-safe Data.

  7. Clear the cache by using the zac cc command.

  8. Copy the backed up initial-web-service file to %ZENworks_Home%\conf location.

IMPORTANT:Enable the below Reconcile settings to ensure that the agent registration and reconciliation works in VDI environment:

Serial number + Mac address + Hostname - with Differentiation Enabled.

For more information, see Section 9.5.2, Reconciling the Devices.