1.0 Enabling and Disabling the Endpoint Security Agent

The Endpoint Security Agent is the ZENworks Adaptive Agent module that is responsible for enforcing security policy settings on managed devices. Because it is a module, it can be installed, enabled, disabled, and uninstalled without affecting the other capabilities provided by the Adaptive Agent. The following operational states are possible for the Endpoint Security Agent:

  • Installed and enabled: All effective security policies are enforced.

  • Installed and disabled: The Endpoint Security Agent remains installed but does not enforce any security policies assigned to the user or device.

  • Uninstalled: The Endpoint Security Agent is removed from the device.

Be default, the Endpoint Security Agent is installed and enabled on managed devices if ZENworks Endpoint Security Management is activated (license or evaluation). If you want to change the operational state of the agent, see the instructions in Customizing the Agent Features in the ZENworks 11 SP3 Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference.