7.0 Decrypting Drives

You can use the Full Disk Encryption Agent to decrypt any of the device’s encrypted drives. The drive remains decrypted unless a new Disk Encryption policy is applied that causes the drive to be encrypted again.

  1. Make sure you know the FDE Admin password for the policy that is assigned to the device.

    To decrypt a drive, you must know the FDE Admin password for the policy assigned to the device, or you must know the ZENworks Adaptive Agent override password or key. For more information about passwords, see Section B.0, Administrator Passwords.

  2. On the device, double-click the icon in the notification area, then click Full Disk Encryption.

  3. In the Full Disk Encryption Agent Actions section, click About to display the About dialog box.

  4. Click the Commands button.

  5. Supply the password, then click OK to display the Commands dialog box.

  6. Click the Decrypt Drive button.

  7. Select the drive to decrypt, then click OK.

  8. In the confirmation dialog box that is displayed, click Yes to proceed.