12.0 Patch Management

Patch Management lets you apply software patches automatically and consistently to minimize vulnerabilities and issues.

Patch Management stays current with the latest patches and fixes by regular Internet communication with the ZENworks Patch Subscription Service. After the initial 60-day evaluation period, Patch Management requires a paid subscription for you to continue the daily download of the latest vulnerability and patch information.

When a new patch is available from the subscription service, a ZENworks Server downloads information about it. You can deploy the patch to devices or disregard the patch.

The following sections explain how to use ZENworks 11 SP3 Patch Management to apply software patches automatically and consistently to devices in your Management Zone. Doing so minimizes vulnerabilities and issues that can occur with outdated or unpatched software.

Watch a video that shows how Patch Management minimizes the effort required to ensure patch compliance for devices in your organization.