1.0 Retrieving and Storing the Credentials of the Embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere Database

If you have installed ZENworks 11 SP3 with the embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere database that is bundled with ZENworks, we recommend that you store the credentials of the database for future use.

  1. Retrieve the credentials of the embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere database by entering one of the following commands at the server prompt:

    zman database-get-credentials


    zman dgc

    The credentials are displayed on the console.

    For more information about zman, view the zman man page (man zman) on the server or see zman(1) in the ZENworks 11 SP3 Command Line Utilities Reference.

  2. Copy the credentials and save them in a file.

To retrieve and store the credentials of Remote Sybase SQL Anywhere, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server databases, refer to their documentation.