1.2 Modifying Configuration Settings on a Folder

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Devices tab.

  2. In the Devices panel (on the Managed tab), browse for the folder whose settings you want to modify.

  3. When you find the folder, click Details next to the folder name to display the folder’s details.

  4. Click the Settings tab.

  5. In the Settings panel, click the settings category (Content, Device Management, Infrastructure Management, and so forth) whose settings you want to modify.

  6. Click the setting to display its details page.

  7. Modify the setting as desired.

    For information about the setting, click the Help button in ZENworks Control Center or see the following sections:

  8. When you have finished modifying the setting, click OK (or Apply) to save your changes.

    The configuration setting is inherited by all devices in the folder, including any devices contained in subfolders, unless the setting is overridden on a subfolder or individual device.