1.3 Connecting ZENworks Reporting from iReport Designer

  1. Start iReport:

    For Windows: Start > ZENworks Reporting > Start iReport Designer.

    For Linux: Change to /opt/novell/zenworks-reporting/js/ireport/bin and enter ./iReportLoader.sh command.

  2. Click Window > JasperReports Server Repository.

    The Repository Navigator tool bar is displayed. On initial startup of iReport, no servers are configured.

  3. To add a server, click in the Repository Navigator tool bar.

    JasperServer Plugin panel is displayed.

  4. Specify the following configuration information to access the server.

    • ID: An identifier for this server that appears in the Repository Navigator.

    • JasperReports Server URL: Full URL to the repository web service; check that the default URL is jasperserver-pro. You need to change hostname to the name of your server:

      https://hostname:<secure server port>/jasperserver-pro/services/repository

    • Organization: (Optional) specify the ID or the user's organization.

    • Username: ID of the user accessing the server from iReport.

    • Password: The password of the user.

  5. Click Save.

    The created ID is displayed in the Repository Navigator panel.

  6. Expand ID tree structure.

    The Certificate panel is displayed.

  7. Accept the certificate by selecting any of the following option:

    • Accept this certificate permanently.

    • Accept this certificate only for the current iReport session.

  8. Click OK.