3.1 Creating a Dashboard

  1. Click Create > Dashboard.

  2. In the Available Content pane, navigate to the required folder, right-click the report name, and click Add to Dashboard, or drag and drop the report from Available Content to Dashboard Viewer.

  3. Right-click the report, then click Size to Content.

    You can save the dashboard even though its content exceeds the canvas area. In the Fixed Sizing mode, if content exceeds the canvas area, you must scroll to see the entire dashboard. For more information, see Section 3.2.3, About Screen Sizes.

  4. To view the entire dashboard with the selected resolution, without scrolling:

    1. Place the cursor on the report, then click and move towards the right-hand, lower edge of the frame.

    2. When the resizing icon is displayed, click and drag the edge of the frame to resize it until the required view appears.

      For smoother cursor movement, press the Ctrl key while dragging or resizing items and frames.

  5. Right-click the report, then click Show Scroll Bars or Hide Scroll Bars.

    Use Hide Scroll Bars for charts and small crosstabs to resize the frame to fit its content.

  6. Click Save Dashboard, or click Save Dashboard As to save as a new version.

  7. Specify the name, then save the dashboard in the required folder where you have access permissions.

NOTE:While creating a dashboard, you can add an input control. For more information, see Section 3.2.1, Adding Controls to a Dashboard.